The Sweeter Things

The Sweeter Things

Life is as sweet as you make it. While few things rival the delectable goodness of a buttery chocolate chip cookie or a warm slice of homemade apple pie, it’s the people you share your sugar rush with that make all the difference. At JB Ashtin, we don’t measure our blessings in spoonfuls or dollops. We measure them in the richness of our relationships, and there’s nothing sweeter than making meaningful connections and building lasting partnerships with you – our clients and friends. You’re the cheese to our cake, and the lemon zest of our workdays. Your collaboration and friendship mean the world to us.


As we embark on another holiday season, rather than rush through the haze of presents, parties, and end-of-the-year projects, may we find moments to live in the now. Turn off the computer, put the phone on silent, surround yourself with the ones you love, and eat dessert first. Simply take a moment to breathe in the sweetness of life.


And if you find yourself in need of sweetspiration, we can help…


JB Ashtin is proud to present our 9th Annual Thanksgiving Cookbook, “The Sweeter Things,” inspired by the sweet scrumptiousness shared with ones we love.


If desserts aren’t your thing, feel free to explore our cookbooks of years past! Rock out to Turkey Day Recipes, take a Trip Around The World, or find a fresh new spin on Thanksgiving Leftovers!


On behalf of the JB Ashtin team, thank you for your partnership this year and have a very happy Thanksgiving.