“A Company is Like a Recipe…”

“A Company is Like a Recipe…”

Contributed by Ashlee Hartger, Marketing Support Manager

There’s something about the holidays that appeal to a person’s sentimental side. Even myself, a glorified skeptic, am writing this excerpt by the glow of Christmas tree lights. Snowflakes are making their graceful descent to the powder-dusted earth, and the soft beat of “The Little Drummer Boy” is pah-rum-pum-pum-pum-ing in the background…and it’s only November.

Yes, the magical season of turkeys and tree-trimming can make even the greenest of hearts grow three sizes, but if you’ll allow me, I’d like to swap my not-so-subtle Grinch references for a dose of authenticity.

I’ve spent the last week working to piece together a theme for our annual Thanksgiving blog post. I’ve contemplated cheesy corporate metaphors: something like  “A company is like a recipe” where each employee makes up the ingredient that creates the perfect green bean casserole, or pie, or gluten-free, almond-crusted, banana Nutella souffle. Still, with every angle and food-related pun, I got farther away from communicating the unique culture and genuineness that make our company so incredillble (I didn’t get rid of all the food puns). So in lieu of recipe gimmicks, I’d like to just beef frank (last one) and simply and directly tell you why I love JB Ashtin.

Each year, JB Ashtin employees submit family recipes for our annual Thanksgiving cookbook. Grandmas are called, great aunts are emailed, and moms are on standby; ready to help document just how much sugar to should dash or salt to pinch to expertly prepare Aunt Ida’s famous potatoes. These recipes are compiled and bound with care to be shared with friends and family, and clients who have become like friends and family. While the gesture may sound like a small one, it perfectly sums up JB Ashtin as a company.

We are an incredible balance of client and employee focus, and go above and beyond to ensure the quality of our work reflects the unique people and customs that make up our culture. We stand firm in our traditions, but do our best to ensure that these traditions are enhanced with elements of innovation and fun. All the while, working together as a team to create a deliverable that beautifully communicates a story and emulates the quality and attention to detail JB Ashtin has become known for. It’s an ecosystem that offers the ability to be scientific, and silly, and determined, and creative, and to wear crazy socks, and it sets JB Ashtin apart from the rest. This carefully curated collection of weird and wonderful people is my gluten-free, almond-crusted, banana Nutella souffle. They’re the recipe I’m most grateful for this holiday season.

To further celebrate the spirit of togetherness cultivated through our relationships with clients and employees around the world, JB Ashtin is excited to present our 5th annual cookbook “World Cuisine on a Plate” along with our collections of cookbooks from years past.  May you share these recipes as we have, with those you hold close, both near and far.

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