A different kind of medical communications company.

In 1999, our founder and CEO Joni Bradley, PharmD, created JB Ashtin to be a different kind of medical communications agency – one with the expertise, experience, and emotional intelligence to turn clients into partners, build trusting relationships, and create lasting connections. Our highly qualified team members are passionate about their work because there are few higher callings than helping to deliver the innovations and treatments that can make a positive impact on humanity.

medical communications company

A culture that builds confidence.

Developing lifesaving innovations that are safe and effective is a process fraught with challenges. Without trusted partnerships, it can feel insurmountable. Our clients tell us over and over that they trust us. That trust instills confidence. This confidence allows our clients to delegate responsibilities so they can focus their energy where it will have the greatest impact. Our scientific knowledge, creative storytelling and unparalleled service help clients rise above every challenge and go beyond expectations.

Meet the Team:

Science Stars. Service Fanatics. Creative Gurus

medical communications company team

Our 7 Core Values. A lot of companies list them. We live them.


We deliver the highest quality work, demonstrate mastery of subjects and a commitment to compelling storytelling.


Anticipating others’ needs
without them needing to be articulated, we think 3 steps ahead at all times.


Going above and beyond what’s expected to ensure the best results, we persevere through any challenge.


Treating others with dignity and empathy, we celebrate the differing abilities and contributions that each of us offers.


We have the quiet confidence that doesn’t seek the spotlight, but lets it shine on our clients instead.


Understanding how we impact others, we speak and act with compassion, tact, and diplomacy.


Smiles are an important
outcome. We consciously foster an enjoyable environment for our team and clients. 

Working at JB Ashtin

We place great value on our team members. Over the years we have carefully created a team that works well together and truly cares for each other. Throughout the year, we offer our team all sorts of social and team-building activities like attending murder mysteries and escape rooms to engaging in axe throwing and personal growth seminars. Each year, we host a fun-filled meet-and-greet activity that brings us together for several days. It’s no wonder we are certified as a Great Place to Work as voted by our team. Join us and see what all the excitement is about!

GOING BEYOND: A more confident community

There is strength and power in uplifting others, not just in the workplace, but also in our communities. Each year, JB Ashtin partners with organizations like the American Cancer Society, Volunteers of America, the American Heart Association, Detroit Remodeled, Adopt-a-Family, and many others to do our part in helping ease the burdens of those around us. We believe that our engagement positively impacts our community, and we have a strong presence in working with these organizations so that they in turn can serve those in need.

What our clients say

“There are people I like working with. And then there is sort of the top of the pyramid of people who you like working with, who do good work, and you completely and totally trust. That’s JB Ashtin.”

            Senior Vice President, Product Planning, Pharmaceutical Client