When life gives you lemons

Every patient begins their healthcare journey in need of something. Be it as commonplace as an annual check-up or as life-altering as a cancer diagnosis, we in the healthcare community serve a purpose that goes far beyond medical discovery. We get the distinct honor of using science to fill needs and change lives. Nothing is more rewarding.

There’s a certain complexity that comes with experiencing life together in all its bitter and beauty. And it was this combination of tart, sweet, boldness that served as a springboard for our 9th  annual holiday cookbook, “Simply the Zest.” An ode to the lemon and the lovely and wondrous versatility it brings to tastebuds everywhere. With notes of sour and saccharine, and endless opportunity for delectable accompaniments of both the sugary and savory varieties, the lemon represents how to take both the delightful and acidic parts of life and create something wonderful; much like the work we’re fortunate to do every day.

The patient is waiting. You are driving change. And we are here to help. Thank you for your impact in our industry, and for filling needs in the lives of providers and patients around the world.  We feel so blessed to call you partner and friend.

From our family to yours, we’d like to wish you a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

— The JB Ashtin team