Holiday Cookbook – Quarantine Edition 2020

Holiday Cookbook – Quarantine Edition 2020

Okay, be honest. How many times in the last 8 months have you heard or said the following phrases?
          • “I’m hungry!”
          • “I’m bored.”
          • “I just want to get out of this house.”
          • “I’m trying to work!”
          • “Honey, it’s your turn to help the kids with Zoom.”
          • “Honey, it’s your turn to cook.”

Who knew that spending every waking moment inside our homes with the people we love most in this world would be so lovely and so wonderfully infuriating? It’s safe to say that 2020 looks nothing like what we expected when the ball dropped on January 1, 2020—5,679 confusing and chaotic days ago. We were all just kids then—dewy-eyed and hearts of whimsy, celebrating our ascent into the roaring 20’s with prohibition-themed parties and a head full of dreams.


Still, through the hardships, we find comfort and hope in the little things. The additional time spent at home with loved ones. The technology that keeps us connected. A renewed focus on hobbies or learning something new. A reset on perspective and an emphasis on what truly matters in life. These are the moments and connections we’re thankful for this holiday season.


Much like 2020, our 7th Annual Holiday Cookbook looks a little different than previous years. As our team has been working from home, we too have experienced the fun ups and downs of quarantine with those we hold dear. These precious moments inspired this year’s theme, “Sorry for What I Said When I Was Hungry” an homage to nonstop coexistence with those adored humans who know how to push each other’s buttons more than anyone else. To be enjoyed with loved ones and maybe even a “quarantini” or two!


Wash your hands. Wear a mask. And have a wonderful, safe, and healthy holiday season.


With love from all of us,

The JB Ashtin team


Download our 2020 Holiday Cookbook – Quarantine Edition here!