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Elevating medical communications to make a greater impact

At JB Ashtin, we view ourselves as more than just a messenger for medical innovations. We’re part of the bridge between groundbreaking medical discoveries and the people whose lives they aim to transform. Our mission? To communicate medical breakthroughs and innovations so that healthcare providers and patients have the information they need to make informed medical decisions — decisions that have the power to save lives.

What that means in 2024

But how do we Elevate our impact? How do we ensure that the message we convey reaches its destination with the necessary clarity and urgency?

Because we know how important our work is, and because we are committed to constant improvement, we at JB Ashtin set a theme each year that challenges us to do even better.

This year, our theme is “Elevate.” As in: to lift things even higher.

Every day in 2024, we’re striving to Elevate our relationships with clients and coworkers, Elevate our deliverables, and Elevate our medical communications strategy.

How we Elevate with a “second-step” practice

We embrace the “second-step” frame of mind, which encourages stepping above what’s expected. This approach requires a delicate balance of scientific rigor and creative daring, a combination that allows us to see beyond the horizon to anticipate the needs of those we serve.

Second-step thinking is helpful in visionary planning, according to our CEO and founder Joni Bradley. “Second-step leaders think longer and see further than those who focus strictly on today because they act today while thinking about tomorrow,” she says.

The second-step perspective Elevates our work because it requires a second layer of scrutiny. It requires us to look at a finished product and ask ourselves, “What else can we do to improve this? What haven’t we thought of yet? How can we look at this through a different perspective? And where will this take us in the future?”

The outcome? Something we take immense pride in, a uniquely tailored achievement set to surpass our clients’ goals, and perhaps better prepare them for the future.

“Second-step solutions are the best tool for finding solutions. A second-step mentality is not satisfied with just giving a client — or patient — a good experience,” Bradley says. “Instead, it requires finding unexpected solutions for customers that leave them amazed and surprised, which drives the organization. In other words, first-rate companies find second-step solutions.”

What you can expect from us

In 2024, our theme renews our commitment to Elevate every facet of our work, from deepening our relationships with clients to enhancing our services and products to furthering a team culture that thrives on innovation and empathy.

Our journey is about more than just medical communication. It’s about making a tangible difference in the lives we touch through the medical innovations we help to Elevate.