More Than a Feeling: What Being a Certified Great Place to Work Means to Us

More Than a Feeling: What Being a Certified Great Place to Work Means to Us

Contributed by Ashlee Hartger

Working in the scientific industry, it’s not often one gets to disseminate a blog made up of, just, all the feelings. Well friends, grab your tissues and prepare for some real warmth and fuzziness because today is that day.

JB Ashtin is thrilled to announce that, for the second consecutive year, we have been recognized as a certified Great Place to Work! It isn’t easy to put into words just what this designation means to us. Still, for the purposes of proud mama bear emotions and good old-fashioned sap, we’re going to give it our best effort. But, before jumping heart first into sentimentality, we’re legally required to give our inner scientist the opportunity to share a few stats. *Puts on glasses. Grabs a beaker and a lab coat…*

Great Place to Work is a certification earned by a company based solely off feedback from current employees. It assesses leadership, work-life integration, employee satisfaction, culture, and more. According to Great Places to Work research:

  • Job seekers are 4.5 times more likely to find a great boss at a Certified great workplace
  • Employees at Certified workplaces are 93% more likely to look forward to coming to work
  • Employees at Certified workplaces are twice as likely to be paid fairly, earn a share of the company’s profits, and have a chance at promotion

(Unrelated, but aren’t well-researched statistics such a rush?)

Now as promised, the fuzzy stuff, and our most favorite statistic. This year, 100% of employees consider JB Ashtin to be a great place to work.

100%. This is everything. As a company, we strive to facilitate an environment reflective of our core values: Excellence, Respect, Humility, Dedication, Proactivity, Thoughtfulness, and Fun. We work by them, we hire by them, and we consistently wow our clients who ultimately benefit from them. Any recognition, achievement, or accolade JB Ashtin earns is credited to the amazing humans who choose to unite and strive to realize these values every day. To our teammates, our friends, and our JB Ashtin #WorkFam, we are so thankful for all you do. You all are what makes JB Ashtin, in our opinion, the greatest place to work.


Can’t get enough stats?! Check out JB Ashtin’s full Great Place to Work profile here!


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