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20 years of partnering with clients to find unique and engaging ways to weave their data into a patient-centric story that impacts and improves the world of healthcare.

Here are a few of the highlights:

JB Ashtin Case Study 1
An Immersive Experience – Finding a Unique Way to Deliver Disease State Education
JB Ashtin Case Study 2
A Nonpersonal Promotional Campaign TO DRIVE AWARENESS
JB Ashtin Case Study 3
Simplifying the Scientific Story for Patient Empowerment

Situation: Low awareness about effects of long-term blood storage on red blood cell quality among the transfusion community.

Challenge: Establish the concept of blood rejuvenation with a broad specialty audience and no salesforce.

Solution: Utilize a multimedia promotional campaign to drive awareness and brand recognition.

To establish and drive brand identity, JB Ashtin worked with our client to create an on-demand, registration-based video with creative content that was both engaging and action driven to advance the company’s message strategy. The campaign was initially launched by our client as a small, regional “pilot” and then later launched to a nationwide audience.

Result: Increased brand recognition and blood quality education led to an increase in distribution of samples.

Within 6 months, we reached 35,000 targets. There also was an increased request for more information and samples for the product. The video was a Merit Winner at the 33rd Healthcare Advertising Awards and a finalist in PM360’s 2016 Trailblazer Awards, Video/TV Campaign category.

Situation: Low adherence to treatment and lack of self-management resources for epilepsy patients.

Our client wanted to promote empowerment among patients with epilepsy by building stronger connections with HCPs and other patients, all with the goal of enhancing self-care and management.

Challenge: Improve health literacy, connectivity, and self-care for patients with epilepsy.

Solution: Design a digital curriculum that provides comprehensive disease state education in a format like a medication therapy management program.

JB Ashtin created a comprehensive digital curriculum for patients and HCPs that covered initial epilepsy diagnosis through disease management. We designed the program with 5 appointments scheduled around specific modules. The program included a detailed facilitator’s guide for HCPs to lead patients through the program and offered HCPs plain language tips for proper communication with patients. We also created supporting video and animation to enhance patient comprehension.

Result: This pilot program just started, but we anticipate increased medication adherence, self-efficacy, self-management, and health literacy, and improved quality of life among patients with epilepsy.

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