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Joan K. Bradley, PharmD - President/CEO of JB Ashtin, a scientific publication development agency Joan K. Bradley, PharmD

Joni brings determination, commitment, and passion to JB Ashtin. As leader of JB Ashtin, Joni’s focus is to collaborate with biopharma, medical device, and diagnostic companies to foster the delivery and exchange of scientific information among healthcare providers. For more than 20 years, she has helped her clients deliver relevant information to the international healthcare community.



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Interesting Facts

  1. In 2009, she was named by PharmaVoice magazine as one of the top 100 most inspiring people.
  2. In 2010, she was the recipient of the Detroit AT&T WIPP (Women Impacting Public Policy) Innovator of the Year Award.
  3. She has had a lifelong ambition to write books for children and young adults. Maybe she’ll conquer that in her next career.
  4. Joni loves to laugh and believes that work shouldn’t be boring and is most rewarding when you can have fun.

JB Ashtin, a scientific agency Chief Operating Officer, Jeanne NickoloffJeanne Nickoloff
Chief Operating Officer

Jeanne leads JB Ashtin’s operations team and is our resident technophile (ie, JB Ashtin’s techie nerd). Her skills are broad-based and her expertise shines through in customer relationships, internet and database solutions, compliance, and financial management. With more than 14 years in the pharmaceutical communications industry, Jeanne contributes a profound knowledge to the leadership and growth of the JB Ashtin team. Before joining JB Ashtin, Jeanne was a data management consultant for the pharma giant Pharmacia (now Pfizer) in that company’s Global Publications Department.

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Interesting Facts

  • Jeanne can install anything . . . from the most sophisticated computer hardware to home appliances (refrigerators, washers and dryers, garbage disposals, etc). The girl’s got skills!
  • Jeanne has toyed with the idea of scaling Mount Everest. However, she is now content just spending time with her family and friends.

JB Ashtin, a healthcare and medical communications company Vice President, Scientific Services, Amy Horton, PharmD, CMPP Amy Horton, PharmD, CMPP
Vice President, Scientific Services

Amy leads the professional editorial staff at JB Ashtin. A seasoned author, editor, medical writer, presenter, and trainer, Amy brings to the table 15 years’ experience in medical communications. Her extensive expertise provides a unique perspective to oversee a wide swath of projects. Amy exhibits a deep understanding of the needs of medical communications/marketing clients and successfully works with faculty and researchers to design and manage all facets of a client’s program. She is a Certified Medical Publication Professional and has particular expertise working in the clinical areas of ADHD, asthma, bipolar disorder, depression, psychoses, diabetes, pain, epilepsy, acute coronary syndromes, women’s health, and wound healing.

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Interesting Facts

  • Amy is an associate clinical professor at the University of Michigan College of Pharmacy.
  • She’s a big fan of situational sketch comedy (á la SNL). Amy believes strongly in the power of laughter.
  • Amy looks forward to becoming the next Jeopardy all-time winnings leader.

JB Ashtin, a scientific communications strategy company Executive Director/Scientific Services, Lamara D. Shrode, PhD, CMPP Lamara D. Shrode, PhD, CMPP
Executive Director, Scientific Services

Lamara is one of our rock stars. She has 12 years’ experience in the medical communications industry and is a Certified Medical Publication Professional. As JB Ashtin’s editorial lead writer, she is responsible for developing strategic publica­tion plans across multiple therapeutic areas; writing clinical articles for publication in peer-reviewed journals; preparing slide presentations for product experts; developing abstracts and posters for presentation at national and international congresses; and preparing review articles, journal supplements, monographs, and newsletters. Lamara is especially adept at developing projects tailored to diverse audiences, including specialists, primary care physicians, and nurses. Her experience includes developing strategic publication plans for longitudinal patient registries and writing clinical study reports and white papers. Her clinical areas of editorial interest include women’s health, gastroenterology, oncology, dermatology, autoimmune diseases, hematologic disorders, nephrology, and acute pain.

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Interesting Facts

  • Lamara was a research scientist for 10 years before entering the medical communications industry.
  • She received her undergraduate degree from West Virginia University and is a huge Mountaineers fan.
  • Lamara is a passionate baseball fan. Her bucket list includes attending a game at every MLB ballpark in the nation. To date she has been to 11 parks plus 3 spring training ballparks in Florida.

Shelly Asiala, PharmD, Scientific Writer, Scientific ServicesShelly Asiala, PharmD
Senior Scientific Writer, Scientific Services

Shelly brings to JB Ashtin a background in both academic and industry research. Her research pursuits have included infectious diseases, dermatology, inflammatory bowel disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and enzyme kinetics. After almost 4 years of working in the lab, Shelly decided to return to the classroom to work toward a doctor of pharmacy degree, which she earned in 2012. At JB Ashtin, Shelly is responsible for writing clinical articles for publication in peer-reviewed journals, developing abstracts and posters for presentation, and preparing slide decks for clinical experts. Her writing specialties include women’s health, reproductive health, peritoneal dialysis, and point-of-care testing.

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Interesting Facts

  • Shelly is teaching herself (albeit slowly) the Finnish language. She hopes to travel to Finland sometime in the next couple of years. Until then, she can be found in a sauna whenever possible and teaching people how to pronounce her last name (AH see el ah).
  • She might be the youngest great aunt you’ll ever meet. She has 14 nieces and nephews and 2 great nieces.
  • Although she loves doing high-science work during the day, Shelly’s free time is spent largely on activities involving music, literature, politics, crafting, or cooking.
  • Shelly is on an endless quest to find a decent lobster roll somewhere — anywhere — in the Midwest.

JB Ashtin Scientific Writer, Kelly Cameron Kelly Cameron, PhD
Scientific Writer, Scientific Services

Kelly comes to JB Ashtin from the University of Michigan, where she completed her doctoral and postdoc research activities in pharmacology. She has more than 5 years’ experience authoring and coauthoring articles for such peer-reviewed journals as Journal of Biological Chemistry and Biochemistry. She has also prepared abstracts for both domestic and international conferences and has made presentations at several seminars. After supporting academic research studies, and working in preclinical research with a contract research lab, Kelly discovered the world of medical communications. At JB Ashtin, Kelly is responsible for helping clients prepare clinical articles for publication in peer-reviewed journals, produce slide decks for disease state and product experts, and develop abstracts and posters for presentation at national and international conferences.

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Interesting Facts

  • Kelly is a proud new parent of twin boys who arrived on January 18, 2014.
  • Kelly has a love for all things French. She studied abroad for a semester in Strasbourg, France.
  • In addition, she was employed by the French Ministry of Education to teach English at a French high school in Bordeaux, France.
  • She was a 4-year varsity letter winner with the swim team at Kalamazoo College.
  • Kelly is involved in the Ann Arbor‒based theater company, The Penny Seats, and has participated in main stage plays and musicals.
  • She is a big fan of all U of M Wolverine sports, particularly basketball.

JB Ashtin, a healthcare communications company Senior Manuscript Editor and Scientific Resources Management, Rich PorterRich Porter
Senior Manuscript Editor, Scientific Services

Affectionately known as “Major Pain” by the staff, Rich represents the quality assurance arm of JB Ashtin’s Scientific Services department and brings 16 years of experience in manuscript editing. Before joining JB Ashtin, Rich was a manuscript editor with the American Medical Association and technical editor with three environmental engineering consultancies. Although editing manuscripts submitted to peer-reviewed medical journals is his specialty, Rich also ensures that editorial accuracy and style are consistent across the contents of presentations, monographs, slide kits, white papers, abstracts, posters, meeting materials, and websites at various production stages. His editorial expertise in medical manuscript preparation includes such subject areas as women’s health, gastroenterology, otolaryngology, oncology, ophthalmology, surgery, general medicine, internal medicine, neurology, pediatrics/adolescent medicine, dermatology, and alcoholism/drug abuse.

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Interesting Facts

  • When not correcting comma splices or dangling participles, Rich likes to play his bagpipes.
  • In his youth, he was a member of a youth symphony that once performed for the great composer and orchestra conductor, Leonard Bernstein.
  • Rich is an avid collector of author-signed first-edition books.

JB Ashtin Project Assistant, Scientific Services, Jessica Price Jessica Price
Publications Coordinator, Scientific Services

Jessica is our gregarious editorial coordinator who assists JB Ashtin with all editorial processes. She helps with proposal development and tracking, managing freelance contracts, setting up and maintaining project records; and maintaining our document files and databases. In addition, she plays a key role in helping our senior publications manager with the initial scoping, estimating, planning, scheduling, and allocating editorial resources associated with our Scientific Services work products. Jessica consults and liaises with external authors and clients on all matters related to publication activities.
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Interesting Facts

  • Jessica was a participant/volunteer of the Young Guru Academy, a Turkish youth academic program, during her study abroad at the Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey.
  • She is a past president of the Northern Michigan University’s Model United Nations program.
  • When not working, Jessica enjoys playing her ukulele.

JB Ashtin, a healthcare and medical communications company Vice President, Business Development, Tom Drake, MA, CMPPTom Drake, MA, CMPP
Vice President, Business Development

Tom is an innovative marketer with 26 years’ medical communications experience supporting pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device markets in the United States, Europe, and Asia. His global medical communications expertise includes strategic planning, life cycle management, advocacy development, medical education, Health Economics & Outcomes Research, and publication planning. He has successfully launched innovative online educational courses, project portals, and interactive multimedia kiosks. In 1990, Tom conceived and launched a healthcare marketing trade journal, Product Management Today. He was publisher and editorial director from 1990 to 1995. He is a writer, speaker, and frequent presenter at workshops and association meetings. Tom brings a solid solution-oriented approach to business challenges faced by large and small companies.

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Interesting Facts

  • Tom is a world adventurer. In college, he studied in Grenoble, France, and Cambridge, England. Later in his career, he lived in historic Witham, Essex, England, on the old Roman Road and later in Eastbourne. He was a very active member of the UK Campaign for Real Ale – CAMRA.
  • Tom is our resident bon vivant. He enjoys preparing everything from burgers on the grill to baking. Word on the street is he makes a mean pie.

JB Ashtin, one of the best publication planning agencies Associate Director, Business Solutions, Cheryl StoneCheryl Stone
Senior Director, Business Solutions

Cheryl comes to JB Ashtin from the American Medical Association, where she had more than 10 years’ experience in program management. At JB Ashtin, Cheryl is a key member of JB Ashtin’s Leadership Team and is responsible for providing valuable input regarding the company’s overall business strategy and success. She manages 4 key areas of the company: corporate training programs, finance, human resources, and IT. As a sideline, she is also in charge of purchasing, implementing, and managing the company’s web-based project management system. She is a key player in helping JB Ashtin introduce dynamic, innovative products and services (including new media, on-line communities, and other cutting-edge business solutions) to our clients, keeping them at the forefront of ever-changing trends in today’s pharmaceutical industry.

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Interesting Facts

  • Cheryl rode a bike from Minneapolis to Chicago in 6 days to raise money for charity.
  • She has jumped from an airplane . . . on purpose!

Lori Bainbridge - Director, Strategy & Innovation of JB Ashtin, a medical publication company

Lori Bainbridge
Vice President, Strategy and Innovation

Orphan drug or blockbuster, Lori brings equal parts experience and enthusiasm to her accounts. Over the course of a unique career path, she’s held leadership positions in the fields of medical publishing, disease state education, public affairs, and global pharmaceutical marketing. This diverse experience supports her in adding strategic value to both commercial and clinical teams. Her broad experience includes developing and implementing investigator meetings and advisory boards, speaker training programs, international congress activities, clinical experience programs, and field-force initiatives.

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Interesting Facts

  • Lori once worked closely with Sir David Frost who was the moderator for an international congress meeting she organized in Vienna.
  • She is an amateur gemologist who is obsessed with diamonds, rare stones, and jewels owned or worn by the rich and famous.

JB Ashtin, a medical education company Senior Director, Client Services, Autumn Coy Autumn Coy
Senior Director, Client Services

Autumn is energy personified. She serves as JB Ashtin’s “center” for client activity for meetings and events and applies the right mix of solutions and services to maximize client success. In addition to supervising a staff of project coordinators and project assistants, she manages every aspect of client relationships, helps determine client strategies, and executes programs and meetings that support their objectives. Autumn has particular expertise in managing meeting logistics and directing services for JB Ashtin programs. She serves as one of JB Ashtin’s primary on-site contacts for clients, overseeing the logistic details of live events and managing the activi­ties of all vendors (internal and external) to keep programs on time and within budget. She is proficient with and works within all guidelines, including FDA, OIG, and PhRMA.


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Interesting Facts

  • Autumn’s a Michigan State University alum and die-hard Spartan fan but strangely enough knows next to nothing about football or basketball.
  • She is more comfortable in high heels than sneakers.

JB Ashtin, a speaker bureau and biotech communications company Speakers' Bureau Coordinator/Client Services Coordinator, Lisa PawlakLisa Pawlak
Associate Director, Client Services

Lisa is a veteran in customer relationship management and has extensive experience working with internal teams, clients, and vendors. As JB Ashtin’s client services manager, Lisa has the proven expertise and know-how to successfully manage all aspects of meeting projects from start to finish. She is JB Ashtin’s on-site contact for clients while managing logistics of live events.



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Interesting Facts

  • Lisa has a passion for volunteering for Special Olympics and any cancer-related charity events.
  • She is JB Ashtin’s official brewista, she makes a mean pot of coffee.
  • Lisa is nicknamed “The Jukebox” because she knows every word to every song ever written.

JB Ashtin Manager, Client Services, Sarah Gibson Sarah Gibson
Manager, Client Services

Patience, expediency, assertiveness, thirst for improvement, and client commitment! These are the traits that describe Sarah to a “T”. Sarah goes beyond what is expected, striving to develop and maintain strong relationships with our clients. She provides them with a high level of scientific and commercial expertise gained through extensive knowledge and experience of the MedCom industry and JB Ashtin’s premier services. Sarah manages daily program- and account-related activities and enforces timelines and milestones. She is the onsite contact and manager for national, regional, and global advisory boards, speaker training programs, Webinars, and other live symposia. She provides invaluable assistance with all business-development processes, including new business presentations and proposals. Sarah also manages and reviews all project financials, including end-of-program reconciliations.

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Interesting Facts

  • Sarah has traveled to 5 of our planet’s 7 continents and has lived in 3.
  • Traveling is Sarah’s favorite pastime. Greece, her favorite country, is her retirement destination. She sees herself drinking fine wine and eating feta cheese while watching the sunset over the Mediterranean every night.
  • She is an amateur mountain climber and has climbed a “fourteener” (Longs Peak) in Colorado (although she hates hiking and would rather be on a beach getting a tan).

JB Ashtin Project Coordinator, Client Services, Val Harmon Val Harmon
Manager, Client Services

Val has a highly developed sense of integrity and a dedicated commitment to client satisfaction. She is responsible for day-to-day project management, which includes setting up and maintaining project records, document files, and databases. She organizes meeting logistics and meeting services and assists in coordinating all program-related activities and end-of-project reconciliations. She is a liaison between clients and other JB Ashtin client services team members. Val ensures that our projects meet business objectives, client goals, and industry best practices.

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Interesting Facts

  • Val has a hard time sitting still! As a fitness junkie, she likes to run, practice yoga, and dance. She is a certified personal trainer and yoga teacher on the side.
  • She loves animals enough not to eat them, but doesn’t want any pets.
  • Val backpacked through Europe after college. She wanted to travel and see as much of the world as possible before hitting the career grind. She has a passion for architecture and art history.

JB Ashtin, Caty McCarthy, Office CoordinatorMelissa VanLangen
Finance and Human Resources Manager

Outgoing and enthusiastic with a tireless work ethic, Melissa brings to JB Ashtin an outstanding background in office/client services coordination and is the HR/office accounting backbone for our staff, ensuring successful day-to-day operations. She delivers multiple levels of support to the JB Ashtin team in our efforts to deliver a high-quality service experience for our clients. Melissa plays a pivotal role in managing our critical employee HR information, providing accounting expertise, and overseeing our extensive internal recordkeeping procedures while ensuring seamless processes.

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Interesting Facts

  • Melissa enjoys nature photography and was crazy enough to go to the Grand Haven pier during a blizzard for the best photos.
  • She loves to spend time with family and friends
  • Melissa is a bibliophile.

JB Ashtin Graphic Design/Photography, Bryan Minear Bryan Minear
Graphic Design/Photography

Bryan is our free spirit graphic artist and photographer with an eclectic, übercreative style. He believes that quality is the 1 article of trade that cannot be compromised, and this is clearly seen in his work. Whether working with clients who want their project to have a corporate Madison Avenue look and feel or a funky indie art quality, Bryan is comfortable in creating designs that reflect either genre. His corporate areas of expertise include logo design, branding/rebranding and identity, ad campaigns, social media marketing, print and packaging, website graphics, animation, new media, advertising and promotional photography, and product photography (and yes, he even does weddings and senior portraits). Bryan also has experience in designing album artwork and t-shirt art. He received his degree in fine arts, graphic design and photography from University of Rio Grande in Rio Grande, Ohio.

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Interesting Facts

  • Bryan is a big Ohio State Football fan.
  • He is a firm believer in Apple products.
  • When Bryan’s not working, you will usually find him with a guitar in his hands.

JB Ashtin Project Coordinator, Ashley Minear Ashley Minear
Project Coordinator, Client Services

Ashley has a flair for working with people. And with a background in interior architectural design, she brings all the project management skills necessary to ensure that our internal and external clients receive top-notch service. As our project assistant, Ashley is a key player in coordinating and assisting the JB Ashtin team in all aspects of our projects. She is a primary point of contact and manages all details for our client recruitment activities. Ashley also serves as our in-house graphic designer. Working with our project team, she helps create customized designs for meetings and special projects that enhance clinical materials and contribute to audience understanding. Ashley received her bachelor of fine arts degree in art and design for interior architecture from Columbia College Chicago.
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Interesting Facts

  • Ashley studied art and architecture abroad at Università degli Studi di Firenze (University of Florence, Italy).
  • She is an artist and loves to draw and is also an avid photographer.
  • Her all-time favorite movie is Emma.
  • Ashley’s favorite quote is by the great architect, Frank Lloyd Wright: “Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.”

JB Ashtin Project Assistant, Scientific Services, Katy Jeffrey Katy Jeffrey
Project Coordinator, Client Services

Katy knows how important it is to manage a speakers’ bureau that is both engaging and educational. She is an expert at communicating with thought leaders and sales representatives to ensure event alignment, conducting postprogram follow-up to obtain feedback and evaluations for implementation and execution of future activities, and monitoring financials to ensure all events meet estimate requirements. She is one of our “go-to” gurus for addressing and solving issues, always with our client’s goals and objectives in mind. She generates accurate monthly finance reports for clients and JB Ashtin and liaises with accounting to ensure that appropriate contracts and W-9s are received to facilitate processing of all fees and out-of-pocket expenses.

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Interesting Facts

  • Katy enjoys painting in her spare time. Acrylic is her medium of choice
  • She is a word junkie. Katy loves Scrabble; crossword puzzles; and, of course, reading.

JB Ashtin Office Sales Coordinator, Kathy Taft
Kathy Taft
Office/Sales Coordinator

A master of organization with jedi-like problem-solving abilities, Kathy oversees the day-to-day administrative needs of the office and works directly with the business development team and company president. She promotes JB Ashtin’s Core Values by contributing to positive communication and relationship building with both internal staff and external clients.



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Interesting Facts

  • Kathy loves music and dance . . . she currently owns a karaoke/DJ business and she formerly owned and operated her own dance studio.
  • She was a professional cheerleader for semi-pro teams, the Detroit Spirit and Michigan Panthers.
  • Kathy loves spending time in upper lower Michigan where she likes to boat, jet ski, and just relax with her friends and family.

JB Ashtin  Sales Manager Mary Lake
Sales Manager, Business Development

Marketing expertise, sales savvy, can-do attitude—that’s Mary Lake. Mary provides everything from creative, edgy ideas on developing marketing strategies to building and initiating sales strategies to make JB Ashtin more successful and profitable—all with a commitment to client satisfaction. She is responsible for researching, prospecting, and networking to identify and secure new business opportunities. In keeping with JB Ashtin’s Core Values, Mary excels at building strong relationships with key accounts by communicating with clients regularly, exploring specific needs, and anticipating new opportunities.

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Interesting Facts

  • Mary has a passion for acting and writing screenplays. She wrote, produced, directed, and starred in her first Independent film The Mission is Impossible.
  • She dreams of walking the red carpet and winning an Academy Award for best screenplay and leading actress. She has already written her acceptance speech.
  • She is the lead singer of the group “Band” that includes her 2 small children. To date, Band has had 2 sold out performances . . . in their basement.
  • Mary loves a good TV game show night. She hopes to one day be a winner on Family Feud.